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Comprehensive tool for efficient online real estate and facility management 

Energy Management, Facility Management, Maintenance Management and Lease Management online and in one place.   

What you cannot measure,
you cannot manage.

Main benefits

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Managerial outputs

for managing, evaluating and presenting current data in real time 

Monitoring of costs

related to asset management, energy consumption and lease relationships

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Support for standards

in the area of energy, inspection and lease management according to applicable legislation

Cloud solution

with a high degree of security of data shared by both portal and mobile applications

Transparent records

of areas, equipment, consumption locations, activities, documents and contracts

Responsive design

user-friendly interface and access to data anywhere from PC, tablet or mobile phone

Unification of methodology

for registering costs and consumption in administered organizations


with controlled access to forms and data by roles and competencies

Electronic registration

support of QR and barcodes when identifying equipment, areas and consumption locations

Support of integration

onto selected centralized data sources (AMM, energy suppliers, etc.)

Modular solution

providing cost-effectiveness in line with your needs

More of your organizations

can be administered within a single application



Energy management

Register of buildings, equipment and consumption locations, analyses of costs and consumption for all energy kinds, EnPI, predicted consumption, planning, notifications, etc.

Facility management

Technical records of areas and equipment, drawing documentation and maps, repeated activities, scheduler, intuitive helpdesk and dispatching of requests for implementers, etc.

Lease relations

Registers of tenants, areas and facilities available for lease, contracts and other attached documents, services provided, lease regulations, preparation of settlement, etc.

Maintenance management

Registers of equipment and technical locations, helpdesk, detailed view of costs and development of KPI values, year-on-year evaluation, planned, predictive and corrective maintenance, online communication.

Industry solution

Technical and operational field of healthcare institutions

Technical records and hierarchy of areas and equipment, management of technical records of medical devices, detailed views of operating costs, records of deadlines, overview of all documents, etc.

Smart City

Industry solution supporting smart city administration in the field of public lighting management.

EMA+ portal

EMA+ enables fast and efficient online management and presentation of data in the form of a simple and easy-to-use web environment. 

Business contact

Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
tel: +420 724 444 451

TESCO SW a.s. 

tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, Olomouc
tel. 587333405